How to Get a Loan Without Collateral

If you have been looking into a small business loan you likely have been asked about what you have for collateral to secure your loan. And now you know many traditional lenders simply have no interest in your business if you have no collateral for them. You are not at the end of the road


Yes - This is the Golden Era of Small Business

Why Now Is The Best Time to Grow Your Business Are we in the Golden Era of small business? Many think so, a recent report released by the National Federation of Independent Business, the Small Business Optimism Index confirms what many say and feel – now is the best time ever for small business.


The Truth About Credit Checks and Credit Scores

Here’s the reality about credit scores – a lender just checking your score can lower it. Check again and it goes even lower. Shop for a good deal on funding your small business and your score can take a beating before you get a deal done. Here’s what you need to know:


Insider Info: Every Source of Business Lending Revealed.

When you need capital for your business one of the first things to learn is that there a variety of funds available. Lenders categorize funds by their requirements. Knowing what you need money for now and what you will need it for in future is important because it dictates what of the kind of business


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Law

Five critical things to know about the new tax law. The new tax law was signed last Friday morning. This new law favors business income over wages. Having your own business make more sense than ever. The new law does not simplify taxes for all filers.


Happy New Year

The Secret to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Happy New Year. Here’s to 2018 – may it be your best year ever. We discovered some great revelations about will power and long-term goals we want to share with you. Gratitude, compassion, and pride creates the network that reinforces will power.


Capital to Capitalize on the Holidays

Ready for the Holidays? Not the family gatherings, parties, or gifts. We’re thinking the final stretch of 2017 and the end of year bottom line.

Get funded today. You can get the cash you need to finish up the year.


Higher Interest Rates on the Horizon – Make Your Plans Now

Newly nominated Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will raise interest rates. The reign of Janet Yellen and long run of near zero lending is ending. The confirmation of Powell is just a formality and Fed watchers are nearly unanimous in their belief that we will continue to see interest rates return to their historic range


How Medical Practices Succeed With Small Business Loans?

Doctors with asperations of expanding their medical practices often face the challenge of having to learn about financial products that can potentially suite their need of capital to purchase medical equipment. Our funding specialist work to educate clients about various loan products that enable business owners to acquire the new technologies they need to grow their medical practices.


Things to Avoid When Seeking Small Business Loans

While it can seem overwhelming to try to navigate the process of applying for a small business loan, there are steps business owners can take to mitigate issues that may prevent them from being approved for a loan.


3 Simple Steps to Securing Business Loans

Cash flow is the life blood of all small businesses. Cash flow allows a business to make payroll, pay suppliers, and keep its doors open. We have been told that there is a credit crunch and that small business lenders are no longer extending lines of credit to their customers.


3 Things Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Know

The process of applying for a small business loan can test the nerves of even the pluckiest business owner. On average it can take several days, if not weeks, to complete the application, gather all of the required paperwork and shop around to compare different lenders. Without a doubt business owners could use help navigating this process so they can focus on the task of running their business.


G20 Finance Heads Renounce Currency Devaluation

From time to time, governments consider it beneficial to have a weaker currency to increase exports as products will become cheaper for the receiving country allowing them to purchase more. However, such a tactic sets competing businesses in the home countries at a disadvantage, thus many economists and world leaders frown on the financial maneuver as it is seen as an attempt by the exporting country to gain an unfair advantage over the competition in the receiving country.

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