Healthcare Stocks Weigh Averages as Banks Deliver Gains

US stocks saw mixed results Thursday as a combination of the uncertainty surrounding the healthcare debate weighed on overall performance of the sector, and a downgrade of Biogen by Morgan Stanley and Leerink sent the stock tanking 5.1%. Several different sectors dropped into the red throughout the day, with healthcare leading the ray, touching 1% in the red at different times.


Economic Data Supports Interest Rate Hike

Private sector job growth severely beat estimates, sending the dollar higher against its international counterparts as the stronger the economy is (with job growth being a leading indicator), the more likely the US Federal Reserve is to continue raising the federal funds interest rate.


10th Anniversary Apple iPhone Takes Center Stage in Tech World

Thus far, Apple has done its best to keep product features under wraps, but reports from different Asian component suppliers are leading one to believe it will have high resolution displays using OLED technology, possibly including curved edges, a feature seen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Toshiba Shares Tumble after S&P Global Downgrade Warning

On Friday, a report released by the credit rating firm S&P Global, indicated that Toshiba Corp could be facing a credit rating cut by several notches if the firm winds up receiving financial assistance encompassing debt restructuring – sending the stock price down about 9%.


Economic Data Points to Improved Demand

Retail sales in January here in the US beat the expectations of most economists in January as households bought electronics and a range of other goods, showing domestic demand has remained steady and should boost overall economic growth throughout the first months of the year.


Yellen Says Fed on Course to Raise Interest Rates

Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, announced on Tuesday to lawmakers in Congress that she believes the American economy is on track for interest rates to be raised steadily throughout year, as delays could cause unintended consequences.


Trump Strengthens US China Relations

After accepting a congratulatory phone call from the President of Taiwan, Trump worried investors globally as China mandates the “One China” policy be in place before it interacts with any country – i.e. no government can engage in any treaties with, or interact directly with, Taiwan, which considers itself a separate nation from China.


Treasuries and Gold Surge

Amid political risk in Europe and the rest of the global landscape, US treasuries yields hit their lowest level in several weeks and gold hit a three-month peak as investors wait for political risk to evaporate.


Increasing Exports in December Brought Down US Trade Deficit

American exporters exceeded economists’ expectations in December and hit one and a half year highs as it outpaced the growth in imports, lowering the total monthly trade deficit by 3.2% to $44.3B – however the deficit did increase over a yearly basis for 2016.  As part of his plan to spur economic growth in America, increasing exports will be a key part on the process according to Trump and his appointed officials that have spoken on the issue. 


Energy Companies Pull Market Down

US stocks slipped on Monday, driven by energy companies suffering falling oil prices that will likely impact their profit margins. Other factors contributing to the downturn include investors awaiting further clarity on Donald Trump’s economic policies and speculation ahead of the latest earning reports that are expected to be released shortly.


Factory and Payroll Date Indicate Stabilizing US Economy

The first month of 2017 is over, and key factors in judging the health of the economy are trending in a positive direction. US Factory output has officially surpassed a two year monthly high in January amid sustained gains in new orders and raw materials costs, indicating domestic demand is on the rise.


Employment Growth Slowing, Wages on the Rise

Unemployment filings came in lower than expected last week, yet another sign that the economy is off to a solid start this year. However, worker productivity – output per worker – did reportedly see a slowdown in the last quarter of 2016, meaning companies will either need to hire more or find more skilled workers to keep up with rising demand.

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