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We are entrepreneurs. Many times over. Even our funding consultants see themselves as entrepreneurs living the mantra of effort equals results. Entrepreneurship defines us. It is how we live the American dream – hard work equals money and freedom.

Expertly Trained

Our intensive training equips your advisor with the knowledge they need to assess your unique business.

Quality Service

Happy to serve you, your advisor swiftly responds to calls and emails, so you never have to wait long.

Protect the client's credit score.

We start with a “soft pull.” This saves you from the adverse effects of credit checks many times over a short period.

Lenders look at capital needs as specific types of lending.

A range of lending solutions addressing these specifics; credit cards, inventory , , SBA loans, and equipment financing, are the most common.

Company Overview

Years of combined experience in the business finance industry, we pride ourselves in delivering the best service to our clients. At Dynamic Capital, we focus on building long term relationships with our clients so they know exactly where to turn when in need of a cash injection, no matter the situation. We do this by building your trust through proving our reliability, attentiveness and industry expertise in every interaction.


Unlike burdensome bank loans that take months to acquire due to tiresome document gathering and extensive bureaucratic hoops to navigate, we pride ourselves in delivering timely money in one to three business days after receiving the completed application and bank statements. Whether you need it to purchase additional inventory for an upcoming rush, expand your marketing program to drive sales, or invest into your business to multiply your profits, our account executives here at Dynamic Capital have the expertise to get you the capital you need, when you need it.


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Trusted By Thousands

A+ reputation to provide loans to purchase equipment, inventory, renovations, or expansions.

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Guiding to deliver exceptional products and solutions to our customers. We gathered the leaders in business lending products and services together so you have options and save time. After all, you have other priorities. This is only part of our story – your success is what completes it. At Dynamic Capital we exist so you can tell your great business story. Call us now so we can listen and learn about your vision and find the money you need to keep moving forward and growing. Thank you.
Our Team
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Steven Edisis

Chief Executive Officer

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Gregg Mora

Chief Financial Officer