President Trump to Delay Next Round of Tariff Increases on China

President Trump sent out a tweet late Friday afternoon announcing that he would delay the next round of tariffs against China that had been set to go in effect on March 2nd. He expressed optimism that the trade talks would yield a resolution on the many structural issues at stake, culminating with a summit at Mar-a-Lago between President Xi and himself to conclude an agreement.


How Medical Practices Succeed With Small Business Loans?

Doctors with asperations of expanding their medical practices often face the challenge of having to learn about financial products that can potentially suite their need of capital to purchase medical equipment. Our funding specialist work to educate clients about various loan products that enable business owners to acquire the new technologies they need to grow their medical practices.


Things to Avoid When Seeking Small Business Loans

While it can seem overwhelming to try to navigate the process of applying for a small business loan, there are steps business owners can take to mitigate issues that may prevent them from being approved for a loan.


3 Simple Steps to Securing Business Loans

Cash flow is the life blood of all small businesses. Cash flow allows a business to make payroll, pay suppliers, and keep its doors open. We have been told that there is a credit crunch and that small business lenders are no longer extending lines of credit to their customers.


3 Things Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Know

The process of applying for a small business loan can test the nerves of even the pluckiest business owner. On average it can take several days, if not weeks, to complete the application, gather all of the required paperwork and shop around to compare different lenders. Without a doubt business owners could use help navigating this process so they can focus on the task of running their business.


G20 Finance Heads Renounce Currency Devaluation

From time to time, governments consider it beneficial to have a weaker currency to increase exports as products will become cheaper for the receiving country allowing them to purchase more. However, such a tactic sets competing businesses in the home countries at a disadvantage, thus many economists and world leaders frown on the financial maneuver as it is seen as an attempt by the exporting country to gain an unfair advantage over the competition in the receiving country.


Healthcare Stocks Weigh Averages as Banks Deliver Gains

US stocks saw mixed results Thursday as a combination of the uncertainty surrounding the healthcare debate weighed on overall performance of the sector, and a downgrade of Biogen by Morgan Stanley and Leerink sent the stock tanking 5.1%. Several different sectors dropped into the red throughout the day, with healthcare leading the ray, touching 1% in the red at different times.


Economic Data Supports Interest Rate Hike

Private sector job growth severely beat estimates, sending the dollar higher against its international counterparts as the stronger the economy is (with job growth being a leading indicator), the more likely the US Federal Reserve is to continue raising the federal funds interest rate.


10th Anniversary Apple iPhone Takes Center Stage in Tech World

Thus far, Apple has done its best to keep product features under wraps, but reports from different Asian component suppliers are leading one to believe it will have high resolution displays using OLED technology, possibly including curved edges, a feature seen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


Toshiba Shares Tumble after S&P Global Downgrade Warning

On Friday, a report released by the credit rating firm S&P Global, indicated that Toshiba Corp could be facing a credit rating cut by several notches if the firm winds up receiving financial assistance encompassing debt restructuring – sending the stock price down about 9%.

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