Dynamic Capital Five Paths to More Time and More Profit - Dynamic Capital

Take a moment away from running your business. Relax, breathe deep, and exhale slowly. Now imagine yourself with more money and more time.

Entrepreneurship can be all consuming and we need inspiration to refresh our vision so here are five ways business capital can revitalize you and your business. Take just a second to picture your business in the future with each.

Here we go:

  1. Capital for Marketing and Advertising. A new logo and a new look. Video production that tells your story. A billboard or two. A prospect mailing list and direct or email mail campaign. Digital marketing with SEO and Google. How about a Facebook/Instagram campaign?

    Options – Merchant Cash Advance (MCA loans), Business Line of Credit, a fast and easy SBA loan.

  2. Expansion. Another location. A new territory. More equipment. A new vehicle. Or new faces. Hire another salesperson. Can you hire someone that can free up time for yourself? Imagine what great hires could do for your business.

    Options – Equipment financing. Business line of credit. SBA loans. Commercial mortgages.

  3. Inventory. Need more selection? Higher margins? Better turns? Investing in inventory can bring quick results and expand your market share.

    Options – Inventory loans and financing, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA loans), Business Line of Credit.

  4. Data and digital systems. Would analyzing your operations and processes reveal data about your profits. Could you be more efficient? Could a different view give you insight that saves costs? An investment in software/hardware or hiring someone to take a look your operations could be found money.

    Options – Equipment financing. Business line of credit. SBA loans. Merchant Cash Advance (MCA loans).

  5. Buy out your competition. Could an acquisition be the strategy for you? Mergers and acquisitions aren’t just for Wall Street they work on Main Street too. Sometimes the best way forward is to buy your competitors.

    Options – SBA loans. Or a combination of commercial mortgage, equipment, and inventory loans.

We hope we inspired you for a moment. Now take the next step – call Dynamic (1-800-833-5110) or click here to give your business the capital to grow.

We start with a “soft-pull” to protect your credit. Then we generate a list of lenders (over 100) that you can choose from. We work with small businesses getting them the capital they need to grow and we do it quickly and make it pain free.

Our staff is focused on listening. When we learn about you, your business, and your goals we can then offer you the best options. Call today and you can have the funds in your account tomorrow.