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If you have been looking into a small business loan you likely have been asked about what you have for collateral to secure your loan. And now you know many traditional lenders simply have no interest in your business if you have no collateral for them.

You are not at the end of the road – you are at the beginning. At Dynamic Capital we offer three types of loans that need no collateral.

Here’s three kinds loans that can help you:

Merchant Cash Advance: It is what it sounds like – an advance. The lender gives you funds from your future credit card payments. They get paid back with a percent of each future transaction. We can arrange a fast and easy MCA loan for you today and you will have funds in your account tomorrow.

Equipment Loan: When you get an equipment loan the equipment itself becomes the collateral. So if your need new kitchen equipment, construction tools, auto diagnostic equipment, or a dental chair equipment financing is your solution. We have lenders ready to lend for equipment purchases. Call us today.

Accounts Receivable Financing: Sometimes known as A/R financing or and A/R loan these funds are secured by your known future revenues. Perfect for you if you have receivables that are good but 30, 60, or 90 days in the future before you get your payment. A/R financing is also great to get funds in your account when you get a contract for goods or services and need to cover materials or labor immediately.

Sometimes A/R loans are referred to as factoring or factor loans. Whatever you call them we are ready to help you.

When you call Dynamic (1-800-833-5110) and initiate the “soft-pull” credit check we then generate a list of lenders and programs that want to fund you.

One simple form and you then you choose from over 100 lenders. Save your time and your credit score.