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The Secret to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year. Here’s to 2018 – may it be your best year ever. We discovered some great revelations about will power and long-term goals we want to share with you.

Gratitude, compassion, and pride creates the network that reinforces will power.

The New Year is a time of hope, reflection, and rebirth. Most of us make resolutions whether written down in a diary or business plan, made public in a blog or a meeting, or maybe a quiet thought to ourselves. We look forward, make goals, and resolve to do things better, smarter, and more profitably.

Resolutions are not easy. Change and growth take real effort. Will power is needed but stress destroys our best efforts, requiring even more will power, making it difficult to persevere.

Now social scientists have learned grateful, compassionate, and proud people have greater will power because these emotions naturally build relationships that make it easier to focus long term while self-reinforcing for even more will power.

We’ll take this approach over white-knuckling teeth-gnashing will power anytime. And science is showing that this is how we are hard – wired to reach our goals. In other words, we are about survival of the fittest team or network.

When we are grateful we become compassionate, when we are compassionate we value others and create a team, when we build a team we develop a true pride of our work and we create a social unit that reinforces long term goals.

Make Dynamic Capital part of your team.

We want your business today and in the future. We know you are looking to start a business or grow a business. You need capital and we know where it is and what kind of funding is best for you.

Here’s our commitment to you for 2018 with this new knowledge.

Gratitude. Every email and every phone call is an opportunity to earn your trust. You have choices, and you are giving us a chance. Thank you, you will know you are mission critical for us when you reach out.

Compassion. We promise to listen and learn about what is important to you. Your needs define our business. You teach us what is important with every question.

Pride. Your success means we succeed. We are proud to serve you. We know that a shared future means you need to feel proud of our work for you.

Call us today at 1-800-833-5110. You will feel our gratitude. We will be compassionate and listen. When we submit your one simple application we will protect your credit with a soft-pull that leads to over 100 sources of capital.

Whatever your capital needs we know a solution. Perhaps a merchant cash advance (MCA loan) is right for you. Maybe a fast and easy SBA loan is the way to go. We can arrange business lines of credit and even business credit cards. We know equipment loans and financing. When it comes to small business capital we have you covered.

We want to become part of your team, your network, your strategy for long term success. Call us today at 1-800-833-5110 and let’s make 2018 – THE YEAR. And If you want to learn more about how gratitude, compassion, and pride build enduring successful businesses we’ll share more – just reach out to us.