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Auto Repair

Keeping an auto repair shop running smoothly can sometimes require more funding than available. This industry is full of different challenges that can prove to be detrimental without enough money.


In the beauty industry, you must have the ability to build long-lasting relationships with clients. Staying up to date on clean equipment, ensure accuracy and efficiency in services, and making sure clients are happy is no easy task. We can help ease the loan process.

Car Dealership

Small Car Dealerships can have serious issues with cash flow when facing other establishments. Dealing with bills, distribution, payroll, vendors, and vehicle floorplans can be daunting.


Keeping a project on schedule is no easy task. With employees demanding on-time payments, and clients paying late, negative bank accounts tend to pile up and overdraft fees can become overwhelming.

Convenience Stores

Staying on top of inventory, unexpected repair,s revamping your store, combines with fixed expenses can sometimes be too much for a business to handle.


Quality patient care is what this industry strives for. Costs can sometimes catch up with you when patients fail to pay and employees are demanding payroll be on time. Whatever part of the healthcare industry you are Dynamic Capital will provide the financing you need to stay afloat.


Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, B&B, expenses can sometimes supersede the money coming in. Having enough cash on hand to cover costs is a must in the hospitality industry.


As time passes, healthcare costs are predicted to rise. This will result in more people having to pay out of pocket for medicines. Regardless of how thin the margins get, bills will remain constant and employees need to be paid on time. Dynamic Capital will make sure to keep your business rising.


Inventory is the driving force of any retail business. New products are constantly flooding the market and you must stay ahead of the game if you want customers to keep coming back. Whether you are at a period of low sales, looking to increase marketing or upgrade your customer experience, we will provide the financing to do so.

Staffing Company

The job market gets increasingly harder throughout the years and quality employees get harder and harder to find. Whether you are looking to expand a business or go through a dry spell, we can make sure you have enough cash to keep your business going and make it past the economic storm.


Gas prices, truck repair, and late payments from the customer can all affect your business tremendously. When there is a shortage of cash, your business will suffer. If you are looking to get new trucks, keep up with payroll, or increase marketing, We can offer the exact financing you need.

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Minimum criteria for a Dynamic Capital Business Loan.

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Time In Business

Your business must have at least 6 months in business.

Annual Revenue

$120,000 or more in annual total revenue.

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We fund over 750 different industries within North America.

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