Dynamic Capital Spread the Love: Holiday Gifting Tips - Dynamic Capital

Cue the singing: ♪It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaarrrr…♪ The holidays have a way of bringing magic to the end of the year. As we are out here spreading holiday cheer to friends and family, far and near, let us not forget to show gratitude to the people whose support allows our business to be successful. This includes our employees, customers, vendors, service providers, investors, etc. who support and bring value to our businesses year-round.

As you think of the type of holiday gift to give each recipient, here are some suggestions to help you select the perfect gift and hit the right tone:

  • Personalize the gift: If you have a few employees or vendors, take some time to think about who they are to find a gift that meets their personalities or interests. Employees will feel special that you know them in a personal way. In a larger office setting, individual gifts may not be practical. Select gifts that have will appeal across the organization, not just with management.
  • Wrapping Counts: Presentation is everything! Who doesn’t love unwrapping a gift? Whether you use wrapping paper or put the items in gift bags, the packaging is the first thing your employee or business partner will see. If you have a lot of gifts or aren’t a great wrapper, consider enlisting the help of your management team or hiring someone to complete this task. A nicely wrapped gift will show the recipient you gave extra attention to detail by not just choosing a gift but also taking the time to wrap it.
  • Words matter: Another special detail that goes a long way. Include a card, note or tag with your gift. Most people read the card before they open the gift. Use this opportunity to tell the recipient how their support, dedication or loyalty helped your business success during the year. End the note not only with wishes for a new year of continued partnership but also wishes for the gift of joy, peace happiness for them.
  • Make it a special event: This is important especially for your employees. Make an effort to treat your employees to lunch, either catered in the office or at an offsite setting such as a restaurant. However you decide to give employee gifts, try to make the employees feel special to get the most motivation out of your gift.
  • Year-Round Cheer: While the holiday season is a special time to spread cheer and magic, we encourage you to show your appreciation to your employees, vendors, clients and business partners throughout the year. Maintaining a good relationship year-round will help prevent your holiday gift from appearing to be disingenuous.

Now that we have some pointers on how to show your appreciation for your employees, clients, and partners, here are some gift ideas that you may find useful:

  • Apparel: Jackets, sweater, shirts, etc. with the company’s logo or personalized with the recipient’s names
  • Power Up: With the number of electronic devices we now carry with us, a portable battery charger is a very practical gift. Be mindful of the mAh rating as it impacts how much charge the device can give. Consider chargers with 5000 mAh and higher.
  • Time: who doesn’t enjoy some time off..? If you can’t completely close the business for the holidays, allow the employees some extra days off, with pay
  • Experiences: Are there unique or fun venues or events in your city or town? Arrange for group cooking classes, private tours, concerts, shows, etc. This can also double as a team building activity.
  • Spirits: Alcoholic beverages (wine, whiskey, champagne, etc.) are great gifts. Consider finding rare brands, funny names, or unique bottle shapes for an extra surprise and treat.

The holiday season provides you the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to employees, vendors and other business partners. Remember, a nice gift does not have to cost an arm and a leg for it to be appreciated. Practical and thoughtful gifts will go a long way and keep you in the minds of the recipients each time they use your gift.