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Creating Employee Development Plans

Many large organizations use February as a month to identify business objectives to complete during the year and require their employees to complete similar plans for their personal and professional development. This goal and development planning process is a great exercise to complete, whether you have five employees or five thousand employees. Depending on the industry, the planning process can have several names such as Performance Development Planning, Partners in Performance and Professional Development Planning. Regardless of the name used, what these plans do have in common is they represent an agreement between the employee and management on actionable objectives that when completed can lead to success both for the employee and the organization.


Coaching & Mentoring: Helping Employees Succeed

Organizations spend a lot of time and money ensuring that their workforce is well-trained. This is because they realize that employees are the lifeblood of any organization, the ones who carry out its objectives and goals. Employees are often tracked into different roles through career development initiatives that consist of all the efforts and activities conducted by individual employees and the organization to help each person choose and follow the best path. Feedback on development can be provided in two ways: coaching or mentoring.

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