Presidents’ Day: Lessons in Leadership

Today we observe Presidents’ Day. It was originally started in the 1880s to commemorate the birth of our nation’s first president, George Washington, on his actual birthday, February 22nd. This federal and state holiday has gone through some changes over the years: being combined with Lincoln’s birthday for a hybrid observation and ultimately being moved to the third Monday of February under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968. The law amended certain holidays to be celebrated on a Monday to allow federal employees more three-day weekends. The bill went into effect in 1971 and then-President Nixon encouraged Americans to observe this day as a “holiday set aside to honor all presidents, even myself.” Today, many of us enjoy this as a three-day holiday weekend by participating in local patriotic parades and reenactments, doing community service, sleeping in or taking advantage of the various sales offered by retailers.


Delegating for Better Business

As business owners, we hold many roles in its operations – Leader, Accounts Payable, Customer Relations, Marketing, etc. This juggling of roles is very much necessary, especially when you are first getting the business off the ground because you want to ensure everything is set up properly or you can’t afford to hire help just yet. But what happens when you hire additional staff and still take on many tasks of these on your own?  While it may seem admirable or noble to be a leader who “works in the trenches” with his or her team, trying to do too much on your own can have you exhausted and frustrated, leave you with a team of under-utilized employees and impact your ability to properly serve your clients. So, what’s a boss to do to spread the workload and get back to the business of leading? Learn the art of delegating tasks.

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