2019 new year resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions & Your Business

Now that the holiday dust is settling, it is time for another annual tradition: the new year’s resolutions. With the mantra of “new year, new me” still resounding in the air, today usually marks the start of many an ambitious goal such as losing weight, getting the finances in order, finding love or starting a new project. While making plans for personal growth in 2019, this is also a great time to set goals for your small business, to create a list of actionable plans that can catapult your business to the next level. The following are five suggested business resolutions for every business owner that you can work to implement not just in January, but throughout 2019.


Using SWOT Analysis to Plan for the New Year

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on year-end checklists, sorting paperwork and reviewing our actions over the year to understand where our business stands. A final step in analyzing the state of the business is reviewing the information we have gathered using the SWOT analysis to develop actionable plans that we can implement in 2019. Using the analysis tool, we took an objective look at our organization to identify the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that can impact its ability to successfully meet stated goals and objectives.

Threats Or Opportunities Directions On A Signpost

State of the Business: Opportunities & Threats

Using the SWOT analysis tool, we’ve previously highlighted our internal strengths and weaknesses that can provide a competitive advantage in our operations. Today, in our journey for the continuous improvement of our businesses, we focus on identifying the opportunities and threats that can impact our business’ success. This analysis may require a little more effort to research data and regulations for your market.

Tax Planning2

End of the Year Tax Preparation Tips

Like it or not, the Tax Man Cometh… As we continue our efforts to wrap up for the end of the year, we can’t forget one of our biggest obligations: tax preparation. For some small business owners, this will be an easy exercise since they have maintained records throughout the year. For others, it is time to pull out the boxes and bag of notes and receipts to organize. Whether you fall in Camp A, Camp B or somewhere in the middle, here are some year-end tax preparation tips to consider so you will be ready to meet your obligations and form submission deadlines.

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