Ways to Observe Employee Appreciation Day

It is T-minus two days until Employee Appreciation Day. Are you ready…? As we noted in our previous post, it is important that we implement a recognition program to thank and acknowledge employees for their hard work that contributes to our business’ success. Employees want recognition, verbal appreciation, and encouragement. Whether you have one employee or one thousand employees, showing your appreciation will go a long way. Employees who feel appreciated and valued are more productive, have fewer incidents of absenteeism, and have better interactions with customers.


Employee Appreciation Day: More than a Holiday

On Friday, March 1st, we will be observing a holiday that should be on every organization’s radar: Employee Appreciation Day. Celebrated annually every first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day was established in 1995 by Dr. Bob Nelson, considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on employee motivation, performance, engagement, recognition, and rewards. This day was created for leaders and management to say “thank you” to their employees for their hard work that contributes to the organization’s success day in and day out.

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