Dynamic Capital Urgent Notice – Interest Rates On The Rise Again? Bet On It! - Dynamic Capital

We believe the Federal Reserve will raise rates next week. The economy is expanding and adding jobs, so many jobs that we are below what economists consider “full employment” (4.7%). When workers who have been on the sidelines join the workforce pushing the rate below “full employment” the economy is said to be running hot.

We are now at 4.1% employment. Demand for labor is pushing wages higher as the Wall Street Journal noted, citing the February survey of small business by the National Federation of Independent Business.

We don’t have a crystal ball and we’re not PHD economists but let’s look at the facts in addition to the employment numbers:

  • we are 9 years into an expansion
  • we are realizing the effects of the largest tax cut ever
  • government spending is on the rise

That’s a lot of stimulus. The Fed has stated their intention to gradually raise rates this year and a .25 point or even .50 point bump could be relatively painless.

A quick glance at the Fed calendar shows a two-day meeting is scheduled to start next Tuesday the 20th of March.

A fractional rate hike next week will likely be shrugged off by Wall Street. What about your business?

Call us today at (1-800-833-5110) or click here and let’s review your goals and situation. Funding costs are sure to rise this year as the economy expands – let’s get you in a proactive situation ahead of your competition.

We’ll do a soft pull on your credit and deliver over 100 options for funding. You can have funds in your account tomorrow – locked in before the rate increase.

PS – We could be wrong. Rates could stay where they are now. There is another Federal Reserve meeting scheduled for May 1st and 2nd and rates could go up then instead. Or rates could go up at both meetings.